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List of Free Correspondence Courses

Free Coach Tools -- You will need this information if you take an Empowering Coaching Techniques workshop. You will need this information to empower your clients to make their own decisions so you avoid diagnosing, prescribing and treating clients.

Anatomy and Physiology -- This self-paced, self-study course is an excellent refresher course. It can also be used to complete a workshop, webinar or seminar presented by an approved instructor. Students may also test out of this course for 30 CEU.

Basic Nutrition 101 -- (Under Construction) This is a basic self-paced, self-study course for professionals who want to learn more about nutrition.

Basics of Biofeedback -- This self-paced course will count as 10 CEU toward your basic training in bioenergetics, biofeedback, bioresonance, neurotherapy, quantum biofeedback and/or quantum feedback if you demonstrate mastery of this basic information.

Codex Alimentarius-- Understanding the function of the Codex Alimentarius Commission is a $250.00 corespondence course available at no cost to our teachers and students. We recommend this eye-opening material.


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